Points System

Most activities in the Pathfinder Club will be awarded points toward prizes, trophies, and special trips.

There will be two special gifts at the Christmas Party for the two Pathfinders with the highest points up to that date; one for ages 10-12, and one for ages 13 and above.

The Pathfinder Excellence Award is awarded at the end of the Club year to Pathfinders who have demonstrated outstanding commitment, leadership, and growth. This Excellence Award will be awarded to two Pathfinders; one ages 10-12, and one ages 13 and above. This Award is based largely on points earned. The Award consists of an Honor Certificate, and a Ribbon Medal to be worn on the Uniform for the following year. For every consecutive year the Excellence Award is earned, a star is added to the Ribbon Medal, and it is worn for one more year.

See requirements here: http://gcyouthministries.org/Ministries/Pathfinders/PathfinderExcellenceAward/tabid/210/Default.aspx

A “Pathfinder of the Year” trophy will be awarded to the one Pathfinder with the most points for that year.

Redding Pathfinders, together with other local Pathfinder clubs, will attend an awards trip to places such as Six Flags in Vallejo, CA. Pathfinders who have earned 80% of available points by the closing of the Pathfinder Year at the Investiture Ceremony held in May, will be named eligible for this awards trip.

2016 – 2017 Pathfinder Excellence Award winners:    Jack Chambers and Erielle Vito.
2016 – 2017 Pathfinder of the Year:                                              Jack Chambers
2017 – 2018 
Excellence Award and Pathfinder of the Year:  Josh Waltman
2018 – 2019 Pathfinder 
Excellence Award winners:
2018 – 2019 
Pathfinder of the Year:

Points are awarded as follows; (system may be modified as needed)
All points must be verified by staff or parent.

Attendance on time:       5 Points
Attendance late:               1 Point
Proper Uniform                5 Points
Dues (25 cents)                5 Points
Club Hikes                       10 Points
Club Campouts               20 Points
X-mas Parade                 20 Points (10 extra points for Full Dress Uniform)
Float Construction          20 Points
PineCar Derby                30 Points
Camporee                        50 Points
Bike-A-Thon                    40 Points
Fair                                   30 Points
Fundraisers                     30 Points
Pathfinder Sabbath       30 Points each (Full Dress Uniform)
Outreach events             20 Points  (Full Dress Uniform)
Bell Ringing                    20 Points  (Full Dress Uniform)
Food/ Kids Clothing Collecting  20 Points per event  (Full Dress Uniform)
Personal Food Collecting  10 Points per full paper shopping bag
Personal Kids Clothing Collecting  10 Points per full paper shopping bag
Monthly Church participation requirement  20 Points (Full Dress Uniform)
Additional Church Duties  10 Points each (Full Dress Uniform)
Completion of Class-Work before Investiture  100 Points
Induction Attendance     30 Points  (Full Dress Uniform)
Investiture Attendance  30 Points  (Full Dress Uniform)
BRING A FRIEND (first time to Pathfinders)  30 Points
Personal Ministry Projects   5 to 50 Points  (Full Dress Uniform)
RAA Events  5 Points for attendance / 5 Points for helping
—-(10 extra points for Full Dress Uniform)
POINTS CHALLENGE (expire in one week) 10 to 50 Points

Community Service of ANY KIND will receive points when reported to Counselor.
Other Point Events may be added

Disciplinary Actions will result in the loss of some earned Points