This Wednesday, Sept 14 is Registration Day to join the Redding Rangers Pathfinder Club. Registration is from 5:30 to 7:30pm at the Redding SDA Church. A registration form must be filled out for each child. Staff positions are open if you want an active part in your child’s and their friend’s Leadership, Skills, and Spiritual training in the Club. If you wish to help the Club on a part time basis, please let me know. All help is gratefully accepted.
There will be a Staff Training Program this year.

Registration Fees are $45 per child for the year. Please note if your child is missing any part of their Pathfinder Uniform so we can get those pieces ordered.

We are using a points system this year; with a Trophy for Pathfinder Of The Year for highest points earned, and a summer trip to Six Flags for all Pathfinders that earn 80% or more of available points.
Points are awarded for attendance, uniform, dues of $0.25 for each meeting, club participation, behavior, church service participation, outreach participation, and special high-point challenges.

We are going to have a tremendous year and create great memories together.
I thank you for your support.
Miguel Chambers,



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